When and how can I apply for the NLF?

The application period for the NLF 2024-2025 class of Fellows is now open through December 31, 2023!

Please visit to apply online

Next Leaders Fellowship 2023-2024 Overview Webinar - December 14, 2022

Who is eligible to apply for the NLF?

  • Higher-education Information and Technology professionals
    • Inclusive of roles in central or distributed  IT organizations, as well as functional technologists who serve in offices across their institution such as admissions, development, financial aid, human resources, and libraries
  • Mid-to-senior level professionals
    • Especially those who are interested in pursuing the senior-most seat in an information and technology organization such as Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

What is expected of NLF Fellows?

  • Fellows should expect to dedicate approximately four to six hours each week for the duration of the fellowship
  • Fellows will be expected to attend and fully engage in fellowship programming and events
    • This includes attending the initial retreat aligned with the 2024 NERCOMP annual conference and the mid-program retreat aligned with the 2024 EDUCAUSE annual conference

NLF Applicant Selection Criteria

Eligible candidates from all types of higher-ed institution types are welcome to apply to be a NLF Fellow. Selection of Fellows will be based on the criteria below.

Selection Criteria Areas

Commitment to addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion 30
Leadership experiences and perspectives 30
Knowledge of and engagement in the higher education IT community 20
Potential for future growth and opportunities 20

Total Score



Application Scoring Criteria

Commitment to Addressing Issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

(30 points)
Applicant addresses the value they experience in addressing issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in higher education IT organizations.  10
Applicant addresses the opportunities and challenges of navigating their higher education IT career through the lenses of their identity. 10
Applicant represents at least one aspect of the diversity profile of groups historically underrepresented in higher education IT senior leadership ranks.

Diversity in Higher Education Information Technology: From Today’s Workforce to Tomorrow’s Leaders, CUPA-HR, July 2019


Leadership Experiences and Perspectives

(30 points)
Applicant demonstrates management and/or leadership experiences in professional, personal, or civic settings 10
Applicant demonstrates experience addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within their spheres of influence 10
Applicant describes professional, academic, or personal involvement in ways relevant to the Fellowship’s vision and mission of supporting and advocating for others. 10

Knowledge of and Engagement in the Higher Education IT Community

(20 points)
Applicant demonstrates an understanding of and appreciation for the richness of the higher education landscape. 5
Applicant articulates examples of how IT supports and expands on the mission of academic institutions. 5
Applicant has been active in and provided other contributions to the broader higher education community (e.g., participation in a review team, volunteering at regional events, writing about related topics and events, mentoring newcomers) 10

Potential for Future Growth and Opportunities

(20 points)
Applicant expresses and demonstrates an interest and passion to be a senior leader, an advocate for others, and an active contributor to the higher education IT community. 20
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